Celebrating 10 years since our Champion Espresso win!

The River Roast Story

A bit about our business

River Roast produces a range of award winning coffees, locally roasted in small batches and crafted into some of the best coffee blends you will ever taste.

Established in 2008, River Roast has experienced solid growth and continuing success, roasting and blending coffees that stand out from the ordinary.

“It’s the passion you’re tasting” noted master roaster James Carter, when appearing on ‘Mornings with Kerri Anne’ to promote their coffees that won at the Sydney Royal Fine Food Show. Specifically Paterson Blend, Champion medal in 2009 and Gold in 2010 in the Espresso category.

“We just want people to know what coffee can taste like when it’s fresh and prepared correctly”

To assist in this process River Roast offers a range of coffee related products and targeted training solutions for your business. 

You can be a part of our Mission.  Join us

as we shake things up in the coffee industry by introducing the River Roast Quality System:

  • Supply: River Roast’s consistently great blends of fresh beans.
  • Service: A tailored equipment service schedule which will ensure optimum performance.
  • Training: We believe there’s always something to learn about coffee.


In a nutshell


Founded in 2008

After many years in hospitality and the coffee industry and running a retail coffee business we finally committed to purchase a 10kg Has Garanti coffee roaster.


'It's the passion you're tasting' James said to Kerri-Anne

After winning the Champion Espresso award at the Sydney Royal Fine Food Show in 2009 we appeared on the Morning Show, attended the Parliamentary Expo, The Rocks Fine Food Markets, Good Food and Wine and Fine Food Australia in a matter of months - phew! oh and we welcomed our 4th child to the world!!

From roasting, to baristaring (not sure if that's even a word)

Experience and Knowledge Count

From roasting, to baristaring (not sure if that's even a word) to assisting in the development of the Australian National Coffee Standards James has committed himself to coffee and family for many many years.

It's worth working with someone who understands all aspects of work and life.